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Four steps to your results

After entering your data for registration, we will send you a confirmation link by email. If you click on this link, you will open your customer account. 

Confirm the purchase of your appropriate credit package. You will then receive two e-mails: one e-mail confirming your purchase and one containing the access link and key to the app.

Let's get started now: Start the app by clicking on the link in the email and in just a few steps create a drawing of your roof with all the necessary objects.

The drawing is finished? Now choose the calculations you need. Send your choice with one click and download the results seconds later as PDF and/or DFX file.

Leading insulation material manufacturers from the roof industry work with us.
UDS has been developing software in the tapered roof sector successfully for over 30 years.
The software has been officially tested several times and a patent has been applied for.

Accurate, safe, versatile and incredibly fast

Benefit from powerful functions and simple handling

Your base: roof outline, drainage and collision objects 

Input without CAD knowledge - very easy and intuitive

  • Input without CAD knowledge - very easy and intuitive
  • Create a roof outline in a few steps
  • Enter the required dimensions
  • Fast working with tools such as "orthogonal" or "close directly"
  • Add drains and collision objects
  • Edit and delete as you wish
  • Use the appropriate tutorial at any time even on complex roofs

Your result: Calculations as needed

After finishing your drawing you will receive:

  • Volume-oriented 3D model with altitude points as pdf 10 times heightened
  • Volume-oriented 3D model with altitude points as dxf on a scale of 1:1 in m
  • Standardised calculation of the R-value of the sloping roof thermal insulation as pdf
  • Standardised calculation of the thermal insulation of sloping roofs according to your R-value specifications as pdf
  • Informative quantity report with evaluation as pdf
  • Part list with evaluation by type and number of boards as pdf

...simply select from the calculation list 


BIM-ready for Revit & Co.

  • The DXF height model can be loaded into Autodesk Revit
  • Further editing is easily possible
  • Visual control with 10x heightened 3D model

…compatibility with common BIM software on the market


Unique tapered roof covering

  • Automatic R-value calculation for the planning of constructions
  • Typical covering with flat, slope, valley and hip boards
  • Detailed quantity report as ideal basis for calculation benefit from many possibilities to fulfil customer wishes


The app calculates for you without any restrictions: everywhere you have Internet access and anytime.
You will receive the optimal covering for your roof ... immediately. The super-fast algorithm is ready in seconds.
You do not even need CAD knowledge to work with UDS TAPER ONLINE: The handling is intuitive and makes fun.
Der Algorithmus ist zum Patent angemeldet. Sie können sich darauf verlassen, dass die App richtig rechnet.

Your project - your credits

Select your credit package depending on the complexity of your project

"XS" - the small credit package:
60 credits

60 credits is enough for a very simple roof. Ideal for testing. In any case it is a good start. Why not give it a try?

"S" - the basic credit package:
150 credits

More than an outline with four corners or a simple single-family house, but still clearly arranged? Then you are well served with the package "S".

"M" - the workhorse among the credit packages: 
300 credits

For 300 credits you get the calculations for an all-round perfect roof with all corners, edges, drainage and collision objects.

"L" - the credit package for frequent users: 
600 credits

Are you designing a shopping centre or a concert hall? Many projects are to be calculated in the near future? Create your credit stock now!