FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General information

  •     How do I get support?
Do you have a problem or a question that the tutorials or the FAQ cannot help you with? Then purchase here a support ticket. A support employee will then contact you and help you further.

Administration & Accounting
  •     How can I use UDS TAPER ONLINE?
To use UDS TAPER ONLINE you have to be a registered user. Therefore please create a customer account in advance.
  •     How do I create a customer account?
Please register here on the UDS TAPER ONLINE landing page. Follow the further instructions there. A detailed description can be found in this tutorial (coming soon).
  •     How do I buy credits?
To purchase credits, you first need a customer account. As soon as you have your customer account, please log in on the UDS TAPER ONLINE Landing Page and click on "Buy Credits". This tutorial provides a detailed description (coming soon).
  •     How much do the credits cost?
The price of the credits can be found here in the credit package price overview.
  •     What is the composition of the credits that will be billed later?
First of all you buy a contingent of credits from UDS TAPER ONLINE Landing Page. Then you start drawing on the UDS TAPER ONLINE App Page. All corners of your roof outline, the number of drainage objects as well as the number of collision objects add up to the roof-base-value. The more complex the roof outline - i.e. the more corners and objects you draw in, the higher the roof-base-value. At the top right of the info bar, you can check the current status of the credits to be used at any time and view your current credit balance. After finish of the roof outline, the calculation of your required calculations now follows. You select these by ticking the checkbox from the following list. As you tick the checkboxes, the number of credits to be consumed increases again, because each calculation type is multiplied by the previously calculated roof base value as a factor. Again, the more and more demanding calculation types you choose, the higher the number of credits to be used. All calculations selected? Then it is now time for billing. But only after the last security question, the credits will be irrevocably deducted from your credit balance.
  •     What happens after creating the customer account?
After creating the customer account, you will receive a confirmation by email. Please always check your spam folder. As a registered user you can now purchase credits to use UDS TAPER ONLINE. In the email you will learn how to proceed. Just follow the instructions.
  •     What happens after purchasing credits?
After creating the customer account, you will receive two emails. First the order confirmation will be sent to you. Please always check your spam folder. In the email you will find your purchased credits. In the attachment you will also receive the previously confirmed terms and conditions and the privacy policy, each as a pdf document.
The second email will be sent to you with a slight delay. However, only a maximum of 5 minutes later. Please always check your spam folder. This email contains the link to the UDS TAPER ONLINE App Page and the access key. Please copy this key to your clipboard and paste it together with your email address into the form on the App Page. After registration you can work with UDS TAPER ONLINE.

Using the drawing app UDS TAPER ONLINE
  •     I cannot see the dialogues or only partly?
If the dialogues are not or only partially displayed, please change the size of your browser window by dragging it to the edges.
  •     I cannot select the corners of the drawing?
Possibly the upper selection area / lower toolbar and your drawing overlap slightly. Simply zoom out with the mouse wheel or move the drawing by holding down the mouse wheel button.
  •     I cannot see my roof outline and the objects or only partially?
You can easily fit the drawing area into the browser window by clicking on the "Zoom extents" button at the bottom center of the browser window.
  •     Does UDS TAPER ONLINE save my drawing?
Your drawing is currently only cached for the currently running browser session. So if you go back via the browser navigation or reload the window, the drawing will still be available. However, if you close your browser window, the drawing will no longer be available.
  •     Why can't I place gutters on sloping edges?
Currently, gutters can only be laid on the outside, horizontally and vertically.