Terms and conditions of use

As of 17.04.2020

By using the key (or starting the UDS software as a service) the user accepts the following terms of use of Urbane Daten-Systeme GmbH (UDS).

§ 1 Subject matter of the contract
(1) The object of the software use is the executable program.
(2) The object of the software use is also all files, the user manual and other material which is causally connected with the program listed under point 1.
(3) The components listed under points 1 and 2 are referred to collectively in this text as "software".
(4) The contract is limited in time. UDS authorises the user to use the software. This is a "software as a service". Unless otherwise agreed, the right to use the software expires when the user leaves the application.
(5) The user acquires the right to use the software by purchasing the credits, but not the rights to use the software itself. UDS GmbH remains the sole owner of the rights. In particular it reserves all publication, duplication, processing and exploitation rights to the software.
(6) UDS reserves the right to grant the right to use the software supplied to the user until payment has been made in full.
(7) If the user is in arrears or defaults on payment, his right of use and all remaining credits shall expire. This shall not be deemed as withdrawal from the contract unless UDS expressly informs the user of this.
(8) In the event of loss of the right of use, the right of the user to continue using the software shall expire.

§ 2 Copyright law
(1) The software is the property of UDS GmbH and is protected against copying by copyright laws, international treaties, patents and other national legislation.
§ 3 Reproduction rights and replacement copies
(1) The user may not reproduce the software used.

§ 4 Uses
(1) Basically the user needs a user key to start and use the software.
(2) With the conclusion of the purchase agreement and the associated assignment of UDS to calculate the item the user acknowledges the transfer of goods and thus the transfer of credit to UDS.
(3) A retransfer of credits is excluded.
(4) Incorrect operation of the software or errors in the intention to use the software do not lead to a retransfer of credits.

§ 5 Resale
(1) The user may not sell or give away the software including the user manual and other accompanying material to third parties. If there is a remaining right of use, this right cannot be sold or given away. In the event of infringement UDS is entitled to demand compensation for damages.
§ 6 Decompilation and program changes, copying of software components.

(1) The copying of UDS program code of any kind is prohibited. This also includes HTML coded websites.
(2) Changing UDS program codes of any kind is prohibited, this also includes HTML coded websites.
(3) The retranslation of the provided program code into other code forms (decompilation, disassembly) as well as other types of reverse engineering of the various manufacturing stages of the software are not permitted.
(4) The removal of the copy protection/watermark is not permitted.
(5) Copyright notices, serial numbers and other features serving UDS software identification may not be removed or changed under any circumstances.

§ 7 Warranty
(1) UDS guarantees that the software will run without functional errors according to the examples and templates listed in the tutorial. The warranty itself only refers to the examples and templates mentioned. All other data and values entered by the user are not subject to our responsibility and warranty.

§ 8 Liability
(1) The data contained in the software and the calculations performed with the software do not claim to be correct, complete and accurate in every conceivable case. Under no circumstances will liability be accepted for consequential damages, losses or lost profits arising from the use, inability to use, incorrectness, incompleteness or inaccuracy of the software.
(2) Any further liability of UDS for the faultlessness of the software is excluded. In particular, UDS shall not be liable for the software meeting the requirements and purposes of the purchaser or for the software working together with other programs and hardware combinations selected by the purchaser.

§ 9 Written form
(1) Amendments or supplements to these contractual terms and conditions, special agreements that go beyond the usual execution of the contract must be made in writing. Other special assurances and agreements may not be declared by the employees of UDS. They are only binding after written confirmation by UDS.
(2) Should individual provisions of this contract be invalid, the validity of the rest of the contract shall not be affected.